medofficepro- better the business of medicine

medofficepro is a premier service based on expressed needs of medical practices nationwide. we have listened to our customers for over a decade. it is clear that practices need effective and integrated services for managing various functions in an office including practice management, billing, collections, medical records, transcription, faxing, accounting and more.

  • secure-bill+ -- billing and collection service that includes medical claim management, scheduling, e-eligibility and practice management solution.
  • secure-scribe -- web-based transcription service with integrated voice, text and data
  • secure-fax -- online inbound and outbound fax service with customizable search and workflow management for better medical record documentation
  • secure-emr -- online medical records management and chart generation tool built on secure-bill+ practice management platform
  • secure-dox -- online secure document management repository to reduce paper clutter in the office and integration with secure-fax

all services are secure and hipaa-compliant and run on medofficepro's redundant servers hosted at
tier 1 carriers. thus, there is no need for medical clinics to purchase expensive hardware or software, install data backups, hire full-time it resources or worry about losing resources.

simply put, medofficepro helps medical practices better the business of medicine by:

  • lowering billing and collection costs
  • improving the overall medical record documentation and related transactions
  • improving cash flows
  • eliminating insurance errors, and,
  • reducing paper and clutter in the office

we offer the latest web-based technologies to improve productivity for your entire office staff by streamlining business practices and help physicians focus on patient care, every day!

in addition to providing online asp-based technologies, we have partnered with leading technology vendors and hired experienced professionals to give its customers a better way to manage the business of medicine!

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